Learn more About Hypnosis

Hypnosis is the ability to make positive change by bypassing the critical factor (our analytical filter) and engaging the subconscious mind where great transformation can take place. In the world of psychology, hypnosis is recognized as an altered state of consciousness. Hypnosis is attained best when an expert hypnotherapist uses techniques to induce the client into a relaxed, highly focused state of mind. For more information about hypnosis techniques, and finding a great hypnotherapist, we recommend you to visit Adrian Rusin’s website, a hypnotherapist in Abu Dhabi. Along with meditation and relaxation, hypnosis has become the new way to confront pain. Over time pain was defeated with drugs, but society today is moving towards a more natural, healthier lifestyle which slowly diminish the use of drug treatments. Hypnosis is a tool to access your own natural healing mechanisms. Using hypnosis you get to the root of what is causing your pain, you are able to heal yourself. In today’s society stress and pain are an all too common part of everyday life. While mediation and other relaxation techniques help manage pain. Hypnosis is the best tool to efficiently get to the root of the issue and maintain a healthy lifestyle, pain free. 

Hypnosis consists of diving into the subconscious mind where the source of your problems and the solutions to “fix” them exist. The subconscious mind is full of resources to help you achieve your goals, eliminate pain, overcome fears, become more successful and be the best you, you can be, it changes your inner state opening your attention to new dimensions, allowing you to think outside the box and see the bigger picture. In a typical hypnotherapy session, the therapist instructs the client to fully relax, breathe deeply and slowly, and then focus his attention on his goal, idea, ailment, issue or idea. To help the client relax, many therapists suggest that their clients imagine that they are on a beach or other place pleasant and enjoy the scenery, sounds and sensations associated with this quiet and relaxing place. As all of the clients reach a state of relaxation and concentration, therapists suggest positive, relevant messages, such as "You realize you do not feel the need to smoke" or "More and more now, you enjoy speaking in front of large groups of people.” No matter what it is you want to change in your life, hypnosis is the ultimate tool to get you there fast!

Why Go to Conferences?

Since I returned from EpicCon, I've been thinking about conferences and why we writers attend them. I have strong hermit tendencies, so I have to nudge myself out and about, but when I do make myself emerge from seclusion, I'm always glad. Now, this particular conference was a special one for me. I'm the Vice President of Epic, the sponsors of EpicCon, plus I had a book up for an Eppie. And even better, my book won! How about that! So that was very cool. But beyond awards, there is real value in rubbing shoulders with others of your kind. Even before you get published, there is value in networking with other authors, not to mention the chance to meet editors and agents. EpicCon is also a small, friendly conference. It moves around the country, to give people a chance to attend. Next March it will be in Portland, but the date is a mystery... Everything I know about marketing and promotion, I learned from someone else. 

I've met some amazing people in the years since my first book was released. I owe them a lot and the only way I know to repay that debt is to pay it forward. But beyond the networking and knowledge, there is an intangible benefit that is great, too. My daughter's fiance mentioned the energy he felt at our awards banquet. He was right. There is an energy that flows when like-minded people gather to share ideas and support. It lifts all boats... it lifts you. You can head home, tired, but excited about your writing again. So, don't be afraid to get out from behind your computer and meet other authors. Attend a conference. Attend a writers meeting. If you really can't get out, find an online conference, such as the Muse Online Conference, which is totally free, by the way. Sponsor: www.cartoon-coloring-page.com

It is Not Easy!

Sometimes trying to juggle everything is darn impossible. I know people who aren't involved in dog rescue really understand how it all works and don't understand the work that goes into it but it takes everything in my power not to scream at them when they put demands on me. "I want you to bring this dog to my house tomorrow" Oh you do, good for you. Isn't going to happen! My favorite line from people is "well I guess you just don't want dogs adopted do you?". Yes, your right I should drop everything and forget about sleeping or eating which I barely do anyways and come to your beckon call. I know it isn't their fault and I try to explain to people how rescue works. We aren't a shelter, we are a bunch of volunteers (we make zero money) who have dogs living in our homes until they can find the right home, not just a home. 

We work, we have families, we have pets of our own, some of us have children and/or grandchildren. We do all this rescue stuff in between our regular life. Every dog that we get in takes a lot of work. First shelters from all over Ohio contact me and ask me to take this dog or that dog. I get a kill list (nice name huh?) of dogs who are in shelters and if they aren't taken out that week they will be dead by end of day friday! How is that for having something hanging over your head? You can't save them all but you scroll through a list of a 100 dogs looking at their sad eyes praying that they won't die but you don't have room for another dog so it isn't up to you but another rescue who maybe has room. It is not easy!

Mysterious Lights

It lights up and lures in the sky? This made me curious! According to the local newspaper report mysterious lights were observed in the night sky, and I wanted to look at me. Since it was very foggy in the last few days, I moved my discovery tour again. But tonight was a clear view! On the way through the dark alleys of the old town, I searched for lights in the sky, but I saw nothing. On the way I met people and asked if they had observed something. In fact, one reported a light-appearance at the museum. So go for it, to the mysterious place. Once there, I saw nothing again! Or is it? Since, there was something? Only a very short shone on it. I had no explanation for the phenomenon. And as I already thought I would have perhaps only everything conceited, I heard a buzz and hum that came closer... 

And it landed two flying objects with strange passengers. For a while I was able to observe unnoticed. That was a chatter and bustle. But then they noticed me, they were very very quiet. One of them came forward and said with sad eyes, that they had gone on the road to galactic general assembly through the dense fog. For days they would fly in a circle, if I could explain the way to Sirius them well. Oh yes, I could just keep heading south, just to the bright star in Orion, since the Sirius! So took the story hopefully a happy ending for the aliens and I have experienced an unforgettable adventure. I would gladly have invited her to my house and learn more about her life on their planet.