Revisions are Worse than Mondays

So... I was thinking last night and finally I figured something out. Or rather Di, one of my lovely CPs, said it and I had my light bulb moment, and here is what she said, paraphrased... At some point you have to call it good or revisions will never end. I hadn't thought about it before, but she was right. I have different CPs with different strengths. And after it has been through all of them one chapter will change so much, it's practically new. So, I ask you, how do I know if it's any good? It's already been through all of my CPs and now it's completely different changed so much it may as well be a first draft. Again. But she's right, I have to just call it good. It's been through the wringer. Issues have been addressed and now it's up to my betas to tell me whether or not it totally blows. Anyone else treading the shark-infested revision waters with me, or I am the only one with the dilema? How are you doing these days? When do you "call it good"?

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