It is Not Easy!

Sometimes trying to juggle everything is darn impossible. I know people who aren't involved in dog rescue really understand how it all works and don't understand the work that goes into it but it takes everything in my power not to scream at them when they put demands on me. "I want you to bring this dog to my house tomorrow" Oh you do, good for you. Isn't going to happen! My favorite line from people is "well I guess you just don't want dogs adopted do you?". Yes, your right I should drop everything and forget about sleeping or eating which I barely do anyways and come to your beckon call. I know it isn't their fault and I try to explain to people how rescue works. We aren't a shelter, we are a bunch of volunteers (we make zero money) who have dogs living in our homes until they can find the right home, not just a home. 

We work, we have families, we have pets of our own, some of us have children and/or grandchildren. We do all this rescue stuff in between our regular life. Every dog that we get in takes a lot of work. First shelters from all over Ohio contact me and ask me to take this dog or that dog. I get a kill list (nice name huh?) of dogs who are in shelters and if they aren't taken out that week they will be dead by end of day friday! How is that for having something hanging over your head? You can't save them all but you scroll through a list of a 100 dogs looking at their sad eyes praying that they won't die but you don't have room for another dog so it isn't up to you but another rescue who maybe has room. It is not easy!