In God We Doubt

Adventus posts a review of a book of that name by John Humphrys, which is in itself worthy of a follow-up; and although the entire post is, as always, worth spending some time with, i enjoyed this piece right out of the starting gate: Humphrys writes about his own spiritual journey, and along the way takes a swipe or two at Richard Dawkins, which is always a good time: Militant atheists seem to have enormous difficulty in understanding why so many people, many of them just as clever as they are, manage to live by their beliefs.

Here’s what Dawkins told Laurie Taylor in New Humanist magazine: “I don’t know what it would mean to say that we live by faith in our daily life. There is, I suppose, a sense that we are sometimes too busy to reason everything out, but otherwise I don’t know what it means”. Just on the scale of reason alone, the very idea that Dawkins “reason(s) everything out” is simply laughable. David Hume would have a field day with that remark, not to mention Kant, Kierkegaard, Socrates, Sartre, and Derrida. I can only imagine the comic novel Voltaire could make out of that innocently naive comment on that matter.