An Eye for An Eye

A large percentage of our species may not make it through the next hundred years due to the ravages of the mindless, pitiless greed of our enemies. Our children education is very important and their children may inherit a world in which safe drinking water is not only as precious as gold - which it is now, if only we would see it as such - but also just as scarce and that’s just water. Then there’s food. Not to mention the awakening of superviruses and the threat of global pandemics. To say nothing of the inevitable breakdown of a society utterly dependent upon a technological resource that is due to run out.

We may be able to put the brakes on, but we can’t stop the crash. All we can do for them is arm them with knowledge. We must tell them the truth about what has happened. we must proclaim with true humility every mistake and misstep and misjudgment; we must catalog every single lie. and then we must tell them, “please learn to be wise from our foolishness”. We can’t stop the crash, but we might - just - be able to give them the tools to walk away from the flaming wreckage of this empire, bloodied but unbowed. oh, let us pray it be so.