What is Operational Leasing?

Maybe you have already heard in the rent-a-car field about this term and you are not enough clear about what it means and how can it be useful to you, reason for which you're avoiding it. Hence here are a few details about this operational leasing and about the way that it can help you. This is a solution to purchasing a car for a good price or just for using it for a long period of time. By renting a car on operational leasing, from example from rent a car Bucharest, you practically have it available for a determined period of time, but long.

Lexus rent a car

Then, at the end of the contract you can purchase it for a particularly advantageous and good price. When you're renting a car on operational leasing, you benefit from the rent-a-car company from motor vehicle liability insurance and CASCO insurance included, inspections and quality repairs performed on time, from unlimited number of kilometres and from a replacement car to the initial one in case of accident or failure of any kind.