Mysterious Lights

It lights up and lures in the sky? This made me curious! According to the local newspaper report mysterious lights were observed in the night sky, and I wanted to look at me. Since it was very foggy in the last few days, I moved my discovery tour again. But tonight was a clear view! On the way through the dark alleys of the old town, I searched for lights in the sky, but I saw nothing. On the way I met people and asked if they had observed something. In fact, one reported a light-appearance at the museum. So go for it, to the mysterious place. Once there, I saw nothing again! Or is it? Since, there was something? Only a very short shone on it. I had no explanation for the phenomenon. And as I already thought I would have perhaps only everything conceited, I heard a buzz and hum that came closer... 

And it landed two flying objects with strange passengers. For a while I was able to observe unnoticed. That was a chatter and bustle. But then they noticed me, they were very very quiet. One of them came forward and said with sad eyes, that they had gone on the road to galactic general assembly through the dense fog. For days they would fly in a circle, if I could explain the way to Sirius them well. Oh yes, I could just keep heading south, just to the bright star in Orion, since the Sirius! So took the story hopefully a happy ending for the aliens and I have experienced an unforgettable adventure. I would gladly have invited her to my house and learn more about her life on their planet.

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