Facts About Bigfoot

Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is an ape-like creature. It is believed that it inhabits forests, especially those from the North-Vest region from the Pacific in North America, where people have often reported that they have seen it. The term "Sasquatch" comes from the word sasq'ets from the Indian language, where it means hairy giant. Bigfoot is often described as a biped humanoid of large dimensions. It is usually covered with dark brown or dark red hair; it weights about 230 kg and has a height of about 2 or 3 meters. Some witnesses say that he has big eyes and a small forehead and that they have felt a disagreeable smell around the creature. The big footsteps that have been found measure 20 cm width and 60 cm length. Scientists do not believe in the existence of this animal, considering it a combination between folklore and false, wrong identifications and not a real animal. Although, a few scientists like Jane Goodall and Jeffrey Meldrum have expressed their interest into this matter.

In the last 25 years several organizations have tried to bring proof that Bigfoot really exists. DNA samples, footprints, pictures and photos with creatures believed to be Bigfoot have been gathered and analyzed. Once with the development of technology, the number of images with Bigfoot has grown considerably. In the most footage's, the animal appears for a few seconds and then runs away. Even the first white navigators that have come to explore America have heard stories about "the man from the woods", and they claimed that Bigfoot used to steal their supplies. In a few Indian tribes, stone sculptures with ape-masks have been found. One of these tribes has Bigfoot even as a totem symbol. In 1811 some huge footprints in the snow have been discovered in the Rocky Mountains. In the year 1924 a few miners claimed that they have been attacked by a so called "monkey creature" in a place called the Canyon of the Monkeys. The first recording with the animal has been taken on 20 October 1967 by Roger Patterson and Robert Grimllin in Bluff Creek.

One of the most famous climbers of the world, R. Messner, is a Bigfoot legend believer and claims that he has seen the animal himself. The most famous story about Bigfoot originates from the United States, where two police officers claimed that they have found the corpse of a hairy monster in an abandoned refrigerator close to a river. This story was widely broadcasted by famous TV channels and websites, but finally turned out to be false, the so-called "Bigfoot" being built from an old carnival suit, pig entrails, deer fillet and other animal residuum. Despite of this, reports, pictures and footages about the apparition of a “giant monkey” have been narrated constantly during the years and continue to appear even in these days. People confessed that they have seen the monster on Mountain Cheam from British Columbia, North-West from Ontario, on highway 101 from California and near the Lake Skiff, at the border with Canada. You can find more interesting facts here.